Frog at DIY Mag

‘Kind of Blah’ isn’t a title that does the debut full-length by duo Frog any justice. How could any album recorded in a disused bowling alley – situated under a cafe, mind you – be “kind of blah”? Lead single ‘Judy Garland’ isn’t doing any favours for mediocrity either. With a heehaw Cowboy croon and… Continue reading Frog at DIY Mag

Frog at The Evening’s Empire

The debut full length record Kind of Blah from New York duo Frog is one of my favorite of 2015 so far (read my full review of it for London in Stereo). It was a brilliantly rough-around-the-edges exercise in catharsis and nostalgia. This is characterised perfectly in the stunning and sentimental song and video for… Continue reading Frog at The Evening’s Empire

Frog at The Deli

It seems inevitable that Queens will soon replace Brooklyn as the musicians’ favoriote NYC borough – Frog is the second band we are covering from Astoria this week, sign of times to come! This year the duo came out of nowhere with their debut LP ‘Kind of Blah.’ a collection of electric and eclectic songs… Continue reading Frog at The Deli

Frog at Revue

Dan Bateman, lead singer and guitarist of Frog, writes that their new album, Kind of Blah, is “an attempt to engage modern musical ideas from a 1950s style of arrangement, and a was a complete failure in that respect but a success in most others.” The album drops May 25th on London indie label Audio Antihero.… Continue reading Frog at Revue