Frog at DIY Mag

‘Kind of Blah’ isn’t a title that does the debut full-length by duo Frog any justice. How could any album recorded in a disused bowling alley – situated under a cafe, mind you – be “kind of blah”?

Lead single ‘Judy Garland’ isn’t doing any favours for mediocrity either. With a heehaw Cowboy croon and Americana guitar licks, ‘Judy Garland’ hurtles forward like a horse bolting out of its pen; a righteous folk song that rattles around your brain like an old familiar campfire tune you can hum but can’t quite pin your finger on. Imagine the euphoric pop of Small Wonder getting caught in a time warp to the wild west with Modest Mouse’s ‘Satin in a Coffin’ and you just about scratch the surface.