Frog at The Evening’s Empire

The debut full length record Kind of Blah from New York duo Frog is one of my favorite of 2015 so far (read my full review of it for London in Stereo). It was a brilliantly rough-around-the-edges exercise in catharsis and nostalgia.
This is characterised perfectly in the stunning and sentimental song and video for ‘Judy Garland’. “When she died it broke the last vestige of the 1940s America that everyone deep down still loved” explained Bateman of the vaudevillian icon.
Watch the touching music video from Portland director Alex Coppola.

“excuse me darlin’ to disturb you 
could you spare a bit of what the lord’s left for you 
bless your solemn unending virtue 
lest your savior up desert you.”