Frog at The Deli

It seems inevitable that Queens will soon replace Brooklyn as the musicians’ favoriote NYC borough – Frog is the second band we are covering from Astoria this week, sign of times to come! This year the duo came out of nowhere with their debut LP ‘Kind of Blah.’ a collection of electric and eclectic songs sharing a slacker rock attitude. Their music features a variety of influences ranging from the sparse and dreamy atmospheres of slow core (‘All Dogs go to Heaven‘) to the more uptempo experiments of post punk (check out ‘Fucking’ – streaming below, reminiscent of early XTC – or ‘King Kong‘ that’s half punk madness, half folk sanity). Ballads like ‘Everything‘ and ‘Knocking on the Door‘ more clearly unveil the duo’s Americana tendencies, while other uptempo episodes like ‘Photograph‘ are a direct reference to the mother of all slacking bands, Pavement, probably the most influential band in Brooklyn right now. Frog’s eclectic take on the genre is refreshing, and is taking them places:¬†they’ll be playing some dates in the UK in¬†January. You can beat the Britons by seeing them live at Palisades tonight (08.11).

We added this song to The Deli’s playlist of Best songs by emerging NYC artists – check it out!