Frog at The Album Wall

Here are some lyrical excerpts from the songs that make up Frog’s Kind of Blah:
“Bar moans with calzones and verses from the Rolling Stones” Wish Upon a Bar
“All dogs go to Heaven, all songs end in quiet refrains, smart moms buy generic, say it tastes the same” All Dogs Go to Heaven
“Judy Garland hit the bathroom floor of her cold apartment ‘bove a Chelsea store and all the drag queens and all the whores couldn’t get poor Judy back up off of her laurels” Judy Garland
Fuckin’ poetry, no? If I had written those lines, I would want to make damn sure that everybody could hear them, that my genius was plain to all who listened.
 Weirdly, though, that’s not what Frog have chosen to do. Their album – Audio Antihero‘s latest release – has a smoggy, out-of-focus kinda sound, and instead of being pushed right to the forefront for all to admire, those wonderful lyrics are actually pretty low in the mix, frequently getting covered up by the lo-fi, country-tinged rockin’: