Witching Waves / High Violets / Great Lakes / Eureka California / deardarkhead at Babysue

We’ve always felt there’s been a void in the world of music since The Fastbacks released their unbelievable string of knockout albums in the 1980s and 1990s. There was something particularly appealing about the band’s genuinely delivered loud fuzz pop injected with sinfully addictive hooks. This is the first time in a long time that… Continue reading Witching Waves / High Violets / Great Lakes / Eureka California / deardarkhead at Babysue

Presents for Sally at Babysue

The second full-length release from the United Kingdom’s Presents For Sally. These folks are quick to admit that their music is inspired by guitar bands from the late 1980s and early 1990s. So if you’re like us and loved that period…it’s very likely that you will totally dig these folks’ cool tripped out underground pop/rock.… Continue reading Presents for Sally at Babysue

Fishboy at Babysue

This band reminds us so much of bands and artists from the 1990s when home recording was just hitting an all-time peak. During that decade, we received so many submissions from artists working out of their homes…writing and recording truly unusual stuff…and presenting it with highly original names, images, and packaging. Fishboy is a Denton,… Continue reading Fishboy at Babysue

Mind Brains at Babysue

An exercise in pure creativity. Notable musicians in Athens, Georgia team up for an offbeat side project…and the resulting music is puzzling, curious, and mentally stimulating. Mind Brains is comprised of Hannah Jones, Kris Deason, Emily Waldron, and Eric Harris along with contributions from Heather Macintosh, John Fernandes, Andy Gonzales, Jim Willingham, Mary Beth Justus,… Continue reading Mind Brains at Babysue

Lunchbox at babysue

Cool underground guitar pop from Seattle, Washington’s Lunchbox. The folks in this band eventually changed their name to Birds of California…but then opted to change their name back to Lunchbox. Smart move…cuz we love the band name (it sure fits the music). There’s so much overprocessed music in the world today. Perhaps that’s why the tunes on this album are so… Continue reading Lunchbox at babysue

Hobbes Fanclub at Baby Sue

The debut full-length release from the Bradford, England-based band The Hobbes Fanclub. These folks make music that recalls the 1990s when underground guitar bands seemed to be just about everywhere. Those days may (sadly) be gone…but they make us appreciate those ultra cool bands out there who aren’t afraid to turn up their guitars and have… Continue reading Hobbes Fanclub at Baby Sue

Bastards of Fate at babysue

The second full-length release from The Bastards of Fate. We went to the band’s web site but could find little biographical information…just a few quotes and a listing of upcoming shows (plus some links). So the band is leaving it up to listeners to decide what to make of the music rather than force feed ideas… Continue reading Bastards of Fate at babysue

Eureka California at babysue

Eureka California is a band that was created in 2007 in Raleigh, North Carolina by a fellow named Jake Ward. Various band members have come and gone over the years but now it’s just Jake and Marie A. Uhler. The duo is now based in Athens, Georgia…which seems like a much more appropriate home for this strangely addictive… Continue reading Eureka California at babysue