Primitives at Babysue

WOW. This is just the right does of powerful pop we needed this month. This disc immediately grabbed us and didn’t let go during all eleven tracks. The folks in Great Britain’s The Primitives play power pop that is gripping, catchy, and ultimately very exciting. The band is comprised of Tracy Tracy (vocals), Paul Court(guitar, vocals), Tig Williams (drums, percussion), and Paul Sampson (bass guitar, keyboards). The Primitives got their start way back in 1984 but disbanded in 1992 before eventually making the (wise) decision to reform in 2009. The band is best known up to this point in time for their 1988 hit “Crash,” which is still sounding rather incredible in 2015. What is interesting about Spin-O-Rama is that the band seems to have adopted a more raw and rockin’ sound these days. And that’s just fine with us. Interestingly, these songs sound super fresh and vibrant…you’d never guess these folks have been making music for so long. This album is all about groovy rhythms, killer guitars, and those ultra suave vocals that could only be delivered by Ms. Tracy. This band’s current sound reminds us very much of some of the greatest alternative power pop bands from the 1990s. Smart lyrics, killer melodies…and an overall infectious vibe. Our favorite cuts include “Spin-O-Rama,” “Wednesday World,” “Petals,” “Working Isn’t Working,” and “Let’s Go ‘Round Again.” We’re sure hoping this band does a U.S. tour to support this one. Highly recommended. TOP PICK.