Mind Brains at Babysue

An exercise in pure creativity. Notable musicians in Athens, Georgia team up for an offbeat side project…and the resulting music is puzzling, curious, and mentally stimulating. Mind Brains is comprised of Hannah Jones, Kris Deason, Emily Waldron, and Eric Harris along with contributions from Heather Macintosh, John Fernandes, Andy Gonzales, Jim Willingham, Mary Beth Justus, and Molly Waldron (whew!). All of these musicians are involved with other projects as well. These tracks were seemingly recorded without any regard for sales or commercial appeal. You won’t hear catchy choruses and familiar passages. These tracks flow by like some sort of strange stream-of-consciousness. This music reminds us of some of the more adventurous underground recording artists in the 1980s before everyone became so focused on digital perfection. Lots of experimentation going on here. Odd cuts include “Happy Stomp,” “Strange Remember,” “Whistle Tips,” and “Bouncy Clock.” Interestingly, only the odd numbered tracks have names (!). We sure respect these folks for having the guts to create and distribute something this peculiar… Truly…NEAT.