Lunchbox at babysue

Cool underground guitar pop from Seattle, Washington’s Lunchbox. The folks in this band eventually changed their name to Birds of California…but then opted to change their name back to Lunchbox. Smart move…cuz we love the band name (it sure fits the music). There’s so much overprocessed music in the world today. Perhaps that’s why the tunes on this album are so refreshing and real. The folks in this band opt to keep things extremely simple and direct, offering their tunes using only the essential ingredients in order to get the point across. But songs are what matter most, of course…and songs are what make Lunchbox Loves You such a totally cool spin. These folks have a sparkling smart sound that reminds us of some of the cooler underground bands in Great Britain in the 1990s. Whether the tune features male or female vocals or both…this band’s cool bubblegummy pop sound is sure to put you in a great frame of mind. Our favorite tracks include “Everybody Knows,” “Will You Be There?”, “I Go Mad,” and “Tonight Is Out Of Sight.”