Hobbes Fanclub at Baby Sue

The debut full-length release from the Bradford, England-based band The Hobbes Fanclub. These folks make music that recalls the 1990s when underground guitar bands seemed to be just about everywhere. Those days may (sadly) be gone…but they make us appreciate those ultra cool bands out there who aren’t afraid to turn up their guitars and have fun. This band is the trio comprised of Leon Carroll (vocals, guitar), Louise Phelan (bass, vocals), and Adam Theakston (drums). The songs on Up At Lagrange are presented simply, without incorporating many of the obstacles that litter most twenty-first century recordings. So what you get here…are tracks that pretty much sound like a real band playing real music. If you like distorted guitars, reverb, and nice reflective melodies you’ll find a lot to love here. We dig every single track, but our initial favorites include “Into The Night,” “The Boy From Outer Space,” and “Up At Lagrange.” We’ll be spinning this one for months to come. Recommended. Top pick.