Fishboy at Babysue

This band reminds us so much of bands and artists from the 1990s when home recording was just hitting an all-time peak. During that decade, we received so many submissions from artists working out of their homes…writing and recording truly unusual stuff…and presenting it with highly original names, images, and packaging. Fishboy is a Denton,… Continue reading Fishboy at Babysue

Fishboy at Magnet

Fishboy plays a powerful mix of pop and indie rock and is currently working on a new concept album that includes a wordless booklet themed around Topsy, an elephant publicly electrocuted by Thomas Edison. Now the Denton, Texas, band has a new video for “Thomas Alva Waiting” that runs through chapter two of the booklet, titled Thomas Alva… Continue reading Fishboy at Magnet

Fishboy at Big Takeover

Ambitious Denton, TX indie rockers, Fishboy, return with yet another narrative concept album. Coinciding with a 160 page 5.5×5.5 comic, An Elephant centers on the apocryphal story of Topsy the elephant, who was supposedly electrocuted in a public execution by Thomas Edison in 1903, though historical sources refute the claim that the inventor had anything… Continue reading Fishboy at Big Takeover

Fishboy at Whisperin and Hollerin

As the wonderful lyric sheet for this cd comes bearing the legend “An Elephant Never Forgets” I have listened to it while watching both the legendary 1935 cartoon An Elephant Never Forgets and the even more Legendary 1952 film The Elephant Never Forgets both with the sound down and using his album as a new… Continue reading Fishboy at Whisperin and Hollerin

Fishboy at Dagger

You can be forgiven for not knowing about this long-running (well, about a decade) Denton, Texas-based bunch led by erstwhile Eric Michener (aka Eric Fishboy). If I’m counting correctly (using my fingers) this is full-length number four (and a graphic novel/comic book, too) and hot on the heels of their previous one, Classic Creeps that… Continue reading Fishboy at Dagger

Fishboy at Azltron

I had a chance to talk to native Texan Eric Michener, who founded the Fishboy music project in 2001. He got the nickname Fishboy after he ate a live fish on a dare. His latest release An Elephant is also a 160 page graphic novel that he created as a companion piece for his album.… Continue reading Fishboy at Azltron