Fishboy at Get It On Vinyl

It’s always to see refreshing ideas. While the concept album is not a new achievement, concepts albums as a whole seem to be few and far between these days.

So, yes, An Elephant is a concept album. Denton based Fishboy has taken the story of Topsy, the elephant that was supposedly executed by Edison to prove the superiority of DC and the dangers of AC, and ran with it. Now, while Edison may or may not have had a hand in the execution of Topsy, the act of executing animals with electricity was in fact done quite often in the years leading up to Topsy’s unfortunate demise.

Enough of that, what does it have to do with this album? Well, everything, and it makes it pretty damn cool. The album not only covers the execution but takes it several steps forward, exposing the aftermath and ultimate demise of Edison himself. Ok, this makes more sense if you check out the comic that accompanies the LP. Cool huh?

So what about the music? It’s great! Having followed several artists and bands from Denton, TX, I am convinced that city just pumps out musical genius. Fishboy has some super deep indie rock roots, and gives full doses of energy throughout the first few tracks. It isn’t until “Cant Fade Away” when the mood and sound changes. While the pace is slower, the energy is there and hasn’t slowed down. “Bury My Body” is one of the best tracks with its subtle keys and crunchy as hell guitars. Musically, the album is not reaching new heights, but it’s meant to be followed lyrically and visually with the comic. With that in mind, the album works very well.

Admittedly, while the album was spinning we spent allot of time reading up on Topsy, Edison, and the truth and myths surrounding the unfortunate incident in 1903. Fishboy’s continuation of the story seems rather fitting, and we realize that is what makes concept albums so appealing. Some albums tell a story, but great albums make the story.

You can pick up your own copy here.