Fishboy at Raised By Gypsies

So I’m including the official Fishboy Bandcamp link up there, but I have this as a CD and there is no graphic novel included so I’m not entirely sure what the options are for how to buy it as such because all I see are the graphic novel, digital and vinyl options.    Was this CD made special for me?   Because if it was, I find it kind of cool that they could make this CD just for me yet rather disturbing that they called me “John” both when they addressed the package and wrote a note to me inside of it.

Now this album actually breaks down nicely into two different pieces: the content of it and what it sounds like.   For those unfamiliar with the story behind this one (and it is a true story) there is an entire book written about it.   Okay, so there might be more than one book about it even, but the one that I read and enjoyed can be found here:

The second part of this is the music and to say that this straight up sounds like Modern Baseball might be a slight exaggeration as it has a somewhat more acoustic feel to it, but yeah, when this gets quieter in the music bits and I hear the vocals come through so strongly all I can think of is Modern Baseball and the various bands that already sound like them.

If the idea behind this sounds good to you then go for it and listen to it.   For me though, I’ll stick with the book and mostly just recommend that people read the book as well because I tend to find that most people don’t read enough.