Bastards of Fate at babysue

The second full-length release from The Bastards of Fate. We went to the band’s web site but could find little biographical information…just a few quotes and a listing of upcoming shows (plus some links). So the band is leaving it up to listeners to decide what to make of the music rather than force feed ideas down their throats. Smart. In this case, particularly smart because this is an album that makes us think. It’s not an easy dose of something that sounds like everything else. The folks in this band are carving out their own unique space in the world of music by recording stuff that doesn’t sound like everyone else. And yet instead of being overly artsy and weird, the songs are surprisingly friendly and listenable. So…what can we tell you about the band itself? It is comprised of five people. Five people who have a great sense for visuals (the cover art is fantastic). And five people who aren’t afraid of being adventurous. Plus they’re on a new record label we’ve not seen before. Ten captivating cuts here including “Winter of Our Discontent,” “One True Love,” “Identity Theft,” and “Optometrist.”