Muuy Biien at Norman Records

Second album from Athens, Georgia street punks Muuy Biien, with the Raymond Pettibon-esque cover artwork you’d be pretty spot on in thinking that these young lads are doing the whole Black Flag inspired art punk thing It is a little more than that though with a little twist of angular post hardcore in there but with plenty of pop hooks, vocalist Joshua Evans has a garage rock style bubblegum drawl to his voice that suits the music quite perfectly really and the band as a whole sound like they have tons of energy and bravado.

Being so young it’s kind of strange that they seem to have such old influences with their sound being similar to bands like Husker DuNation Of Ulysses with little hints of The Fall and Joy Division, aside from that this is an energetic but quite intelligent album, it’s punk but with all the moronic attitude taken out, indie rock with a bit more spit and vomit thrown in, art rock made by snotty skate punks!