Lunchbox at Dagger

I’ve always liked this Bay Area indie pop trio (well, husband/wife of Tim and Donna and then whomever on drums…at one time it was my old pal Shannon Handy….this record is mostly just Tim and Donna though) but never went ape-crazy over ‘em like a lot of my pals did. Well, this record is where I go ape-crazy as this is a terrific pop record! They’ve done it….melodies, harmonies, horns, everything (fans of Rocketship will not be disappointed)! It’s their first record in over a decade (Tim and Donna were still making music , but under a different name) Right from the get-go, “Everybody Knows” opens it up with a rush of sugar straight to the brain followed by the slightly less sugary “Tom What’s Wrong?” followed by another pure rush of “Will You be True?” You freaks want more? Check out the righteous,jangly “Another Dancefloor” or the soaring “I Go Mad”, but honestly, there’s not a band song on here. At ten songs in just under a half hour it’s the perfect length for a pop record (IMO) and not a minute wasted. Drop that old Hanna Barbera lunchbox off at the Goodwill and pick this one up, you won’t be disappointed.