Crayon at Big Takeover

I never surmised that someone would remember Brick Factory 20 years after the fact, let alone epitomize it with a vinyl reissue. Crayon It’s nearly impossible to walk away from this one without an impression having been etched of some variety, thanks to Sea Tollefson’s tone-deaf yet endearing whine. Indeed, this dude’s uber-nerdy vocal aplomb was logically clad to Crayon’s underdog motifs, with his two companions co-frontman Brad Roberts and drummer Jeff Fell churning out a noisome and skuzzy lo-fi racket ala Eric’s Trip, or for that matter , a myriad of other period DIY miscreants. Even in today’s emo-friendly enviroment , the most empathetic of Millennials might find a demi-anthem such as “The Snap Tight Wars” a tad too confounding. Nevertheless, such a scenario is fine, given that enoughof us Gen-X’ers will warrant Brick returning to the market. By the way, the record is bundled with a download code for 20 extra non-LP tracks.

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