Eureka California at For the Rabbits

How do you take a really good noisy punk band and make them even better? Well getting MJ from Hookworms involved generally works rather nicely. That’s exactly what Athens, Georgia duo Eureka California did. Whilst on tour in the UK last summer, including a superb set at Indietracks, they headed to Leeds’ Suburban Homes Studio and recorded their new album Versus.

Versus won’t be out for a couple of months yet, but this week they’ve shared the first cut from it, Sign My Name With An X and it sounds wonderful! Clocking in at under two minutes, it’s a no nonsense, no frills, no excess blast of riotously noisy noise! Marie Uhler’s visceral drums propel the whole track along, as Jake Ward’s guitar manages to sound simultaneously tunefully accessible and absolutely huge, whilst his sparse vocals reverberate intensely and largely just repeat the songs title! They’ve never sounded more focused, streamlined or exciting, and for a band as good as Eureka California that’s saying something.