Eureka California at Immersive Atlanta

After reaching a certain degree of popularity, Athens’ rock bands have to grit their teeth in expectation for overblown comparisons to R.E.M. However, there is little precedent in Athens for the crunchy pop of Eureka California. In fact, the only real similarity between the two bands is the surprise factor that either of their sounds were honed in the South. Maybe it’s just the power of suggestion behind the band’s name, but the sweaty energy of Eureka California seems more suited for a joyride down the Pacific Coast Highway than cruising the Classic City.

The duo has undergone a few changes in lineup and sound since frontman Jake Ward hit the scene nearly a decade ago, but for the past few albums the band has focused their attack behind Ward’s machine gun vocals and the insistent clamor of Marie Uhler’s drumming.

“Eureka California’s Night In” is the second single from the band’s upcoming LP, Versus, and it’s safe to say this is for no low-key night in. The energy pours out of every chord in the form of controlled chaos. Like Japandroids with a dose of ’60s pop, this is sunshiney music that makes you feel warm inside while your eyeballs are melting. The in-your-face nature of the song isn’t surprising considering MJ from Hookworms recorded this single and the upcoming record at Suburban Home Studios in the UK (Eagulls, Hookworms, Joanna Gruesome). This is the first album that Eureka California have fully recorded in a studio, but the band retains the rough edge which makes them so engaging. Listen below.

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