Eureka California at Losing Today

Buggering hell this is well dandy, ‘twin cities’ comes culled from the soon to be released second album by Eureka California – which note takers goes by the name of ‘crunch’ – which is due for release by happy happy birthday to me records whose press blurb I should warn screams out loud proclaiming this lot to be ‘your new favourite band’. frankly I’m on board with that not least due to the fact that these impish souls – incidentally heading out of Athens, Georgia – have an acute knack of firing out skewed sonic salvos of bent out of shape, frayed and decidedly distressed teen angst gouged radiant power pop at pace as so artfully found on this two minute slam dunking scuzz rocket which dear readers if my ears do deceive sounds like a schizoid squabble between an agit minded Violent Femmes and the sun fried dayglo dalliances of the pooh sticks all overseen by those half Japanese types.