Presents for Sally at Losing Today

Many apologies to presents for sally who sent along their latest platter ‘wishawaytoday’ – available via the much adored saint marie imprint – which in our somewhat exiled period we managed to mislay too much teeth gnashing frustration the matter only being made worse for the small fact they’ve an album imminent / out now… Continue reading Presents for Sally at Losing Today

Pinkshinyultrablast at Losing Today

Mentioned this lot way back at the start of the year when we fortuitously tripped over their sound cloud page and found ourselves somewhat smitten by ‘deer land’, now signed up to Club ac30 they’ve an album entering sound space after the Christmas malarkey in conjunction with the shelflife imprint entitled ‘everything else matters’ which… Continue reading Pinkshinyultrablast at Losing Today

Eureka California at Losing Today

Don’t know whether to laugh or laugh even more, do you reckon we could make the destruction of Julian Cope records a national sport. Of course we joke Jules. We say this because there’s a fair amount of pathological venting of anger being administered by hammers and baseball bats upon various Cope platters in the… Continue reading Eureka California at Losing Today

Boyracer at Losing Today

Talking of boyracer – the attached guide note makes mention of over two decades of indie cool totalling (what?) over 800 release appearances and all this whilst taking a sabbatical which they are now returned and re-energised from. The ‘pete shelley’ EP features four grizzled power pop nuggets dragged from their lo-fi basement. Lead out… Continue reading Boyracer at Losing Today

Safe Distance at Losing Today

Best of the three by a whisker width is the four- track offering from the Safe Distance – a super group of sorts featuring various members of boyracer, the cannanes, sarandon and Crayola all gathering together to etch all manner of skewed and skedaddled pop discordance upon the finite grooves of this limited coloured wax… Continue reading Safe Distance at Losing Today

Eureka California at Losing Today

Buggering hell this is well dandy, ‘twin cities’ comes culled from the soon to be released second album by Eureka California – which note takers goes by the name of ‘crunch’ – which is due for release by happy happy birthday to me records whose press blurb I should warn screams out loud proclaiming this… Continue reading Eureka California at Losing Today