Presents for Sally at Losing Today

Many apologies to presents for sally who sent along their latest platter ‘wishawaytoday’ – available via the much adored saint marie imprint – which in our somewhat exiled period we managed to mislay too much teeth gnashing frustration the matter only being made worse for the small fact they’ve an album imminent / out now / gone already entitled ‘colours and changes’ which we are frantically trying to source links for. Well that’s for another day, still can’t find the errant 7 inch though, however we have managed to seek out sound cloud links for the aforementioned lead cut – and a beauty it is to, an acutely cute slice of dream drifting love pop demurred and dinked in haloes of hazily glazed vapour purrs and the softening shimmer toning of bliss kissed murmurs effervescently dimpled upon sky falling feel good  sun bathed breezes which had we not known any better we’d have hazarded a guess was the studio grooving of a gathering of chill pilled Ride types cosying up to the hollow men.  Distractively dreamy stuff.