Presents for Sally at Big Takeover

England’s Presents for Sally continue their spacey shoegaze pop excursions on their long-awaited sophomore full-length.

Building on the ideas set forth bySpacemen 3 and Spiritualized, Colours & Changes delves into dreamland while retaining a pop sensibility that offers solid songs with strong hooks amid the chaotic swirl of distorted guitars. Monstrous waves of noise give way to gently receding pools, allowing melodies, rather than effects, to progess. Guitars swell and keyboards blare a fanfare to bass-y drone, yet the riffs always remain memorable, humable, though washed in euphoric static. It’s like My Bloody Valentine had been a ’90s Brit-pop band with integrity.

Grinding feedback is all the rage, but Presents for Sally remember that the music comes first. Float in their airy atmosphere and wish you never had to land.