Pinkshinyultrablast at Losing Today

Mentioned this lot way back at the start of the year when we fortuitously tripped over their sound cloud page and found ourselves somewhat smitten by ‘deer land’, now signed up to Club ac30 they’ve an album entering sound space after the Christmas malarkey in conjunction with the shelflife imprint entitled ‘everything else matters’ which when it docks will come adorned in various eye catching colours of wax. They are called Pinkshinyultrablast – number in three and hail from Russia and who as mentioned in previous despatches appear to be heading up that nations My Bloody Valentine fan club. So while we fall headlong and immerse ourselves into their starry worlds here’s ‘Umi’ to keep you occupied and no doubt spellbound. Primed from that set and sent ahead as a herald via club ac30 ‘Umi’ is one of those most rare moments wherein you are left literally dumbstruck and jaw agape at a tracks passing wondering to yourself what the hell you’d just heard. Beyond celestial this dream dazed star child peppered in euphoria and effervescence jet streams through your listening space as though some heaven sent messenger on a brief tour shimmering upon an astral ride navigating the farthest reaches of the cosmic voids all the time as were transmitting love noted distress calls. A truly adorable visitation.