Eureka California at Raised by Gypsies

This is my second time experiencing Eureka California and while the first was on cassette, I must admit that vinyl also does the sound justice.    I’m not going to look at my cassette review of theirs for reference because then I might feel as if I’m referencing the same bands, but here is what I can hear coming out on this album.   If it’s similar to the cassette then that just means they have their style nailed down.   If it seems close enough or a bit off from that review, then so be it.

Right off, I can hear hints of Replacements and Soul Asylum, which do tend to go together.   This is the type of around the same time of grunge but not really grunge type of rock that has many different names (I think someone might call it “college rock” even, but don’t quote me on that) and it’s just somewhere between the movie “Losers Take All” and the great compilation “No Alternative”.

Some hints of something it took me a little while to fully realize comes out and I remember it is Spoon I’m hearing.   Spoon is always in the back of my mind, I just never really think of them right off or perhaps as much as I should.

Also, if only based on the single song “Surrender”, this album in general brings out a lot of Cheap Trick memories for me.     Mixed with all of their other Buffalo Tom-like qualities, this just perhaps demonstrates that not only is Eureka California a good fit for cassettes their music can also transition to record as well.   There are not really a lot of bands, unfortunately, that can be said about these days.