Eureka California at Innocent Words

For a duo, Eureka California make a hell of a lot of noise. The Athens indie rockers, comprised of drummer Marie Uhler and singer/guitarist Jake Ward, have just turned in their second full-length in 18 months, and far from sounding like a rushed out also ran, ‘Crunch’ is a remarkably satisfying slice of unpretentious college rock.

Tracks like “I Bet You Like Julian Cope” and “Sneaky Robby” combine the lyrical wit of someone like Jonathan Richman, but the music itself is equal parts Mudhoney and The Jam.
Much like their debut, this one is another whirlwind of short, frantic, but well-crafted power pop ditties that slams to an abrupt halt not long after you drop the needle – their longest song is there-and-a-half minutes long, but most hover around the two minute mark, so the duo are in and out like a band of indie rock ninjas.