Eureka California / Good Grief review at Dynamite Hemorrhage

Eureka California / Good Grief – split 7″ (HHBTM)

Transatlantic pop artifact collecting two tracks from each Athens Georgia’s Eureka California and Liverpool England’s Good Grief, released by now fewer than three labels across two continents. Eureka California’s supremely catchy, stripped down guitar / drums racket gives me a nostalgic rush for all of the similarly-minded scrappy indie rock duos that reigned supreme on college radio during my formative years in the mid 90’s and have since been mostly relegated to dusty singles bins in the shadows of the Pavements and Guided by Voices of the world. …..the Crabs, Butterglory, the Spinanes, Guv’ner….anyone (besides me)?

On the flip Good Grief are clearly well-versed in digging those same lost gems from Chapel Hill and Olympia showing some obvious affinity for the vintage era of Superchunk’s hyper-enough buzzsaw pop, in particular. A total shameless 90’s throwback, but at least it’s fun – all it’s missing is an introduction from Matt Pinfield.

– Erika Elizabeth