Fireworks at Dagger

I loved the single and was waiting with bated breath for the full-length. Well, here it is and it’s a doozie. Matthew and Emma run the show here, he on guitar/vocals and she on vocals/tambourine. Isabel and Shaun (Charman, he of the Wedding Present and Popguns) round out the rhythm section) and the songs come at you fast and furious with plenty of all of my favorite things in the world: reverb, distortion, feedback and hooks, man, HOOKS! Right from the opener, “With My Heart” (with Emma on lead vocals) heaping waves of melody and soot come blasting at you. Same with song number two, the instant classic “Runaround.” Keep listening folks because a little later on “Which Way To Go” will bury itself in your noodle as well. The record, however, isn’t all a furnace blast, they slow it down a bit on the lovely “Let You Know” and the closing, tender “In the Morning” but most of Switch Me On is turned up to 11. Of all of the bands on Shelflife that I love (pretty much all of  them) this is the one I’m most excited about. Suffice it to say if bands like The Razorcuts, Buzzcocks or the Shop Assistants were ever on your radar then you’ll be ok with this (and it’s already on my short list for best of 2015- even though 2015 is only a few weeks old).