Fireworks at Get It On Vinyl

After an overwhelming reception to their first two 7-inches, and a sold out EP, the pressure was on for a strong debut LP from The Fireworks.

If you are unfamiliar with The Fireworks, here are some basics. The band is from the UK, and consists of artists with plenty of credentials. Emma Hall from Pocketbooks and Matthew Rimell from Big Pink Cake round handle the vocal duties as well as the guitar and keys. Isabel Albiol and Shaun Charman round out the rhythm section.

So what do they sound like? Like electricity! Their style of pop infused garage rock is surging with raw energy that is executed with precision. The bands synergy and timing on Switch Me On is something that most bands cannot accomplish until their third or fourth album.

Opening Switch Me On with Gatling gun intensity is “With My Heart.” Hall’s vocals are confident and steadfast, competing with the tons of guitar fuzz and ample feedback. It’s a sound by design that carries into “Runaround” that has a great pop feel. Vocally and musically it’s a great batch of hooks and melody, with the vocals winning the fuzz battle towards the end.

Matthew Rimell takes over lead vocals on “Let You Know.” His accent is thick and when backed up by Hall, there is great chemistry. While the track is more reserved, it is a subtle pop jam.

Rimell takes over vocals again on “Which Way to Go.” This tracks energy is heavy on the throttle and until the last note of guitar fuzz, it never stops.

The best track of the LP is “In the Morning.” The most subdued and most soothing, the track is top notch, both lyrically and musically.

While there are moments of repetitiveness, especially in tracks “Tightrope” and “On & On” there isn’t a bad track on the album. It’s no wonder the bands earlier releases were such a success, and Switch It On sounds like it’s headed in the same direction.

The Vinyl
Released on Shelflife Records, the LP is pressed on thick white vinyl and sounds amazing. Also included is a full color jacket and sleeve as well as a download card. Make sure to pick up a copy at your local independent record store or directly from Shelflife Records.