Fireworks at Neufutur

Despite a fairly generic moniker, the full length for the UK-based The Fireworks, Switch Me On, manages to blow away any preconceived notions about this being just another run-of-the-mill indie pop band.

Even with two solid 7 inches and a well-received EP to their name, this full length is proof that the band is earning every bit of critical praise they’ve received so far, as well as the growing fan base.

A baker’s dozen of sweet male/female pop vocals over abrasive guitars with plenty of feedback, everyone from the Buzzcocks to The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Ravonettes can be heard in their sound; Even The Ramones’ influence can be spotted in a song like “Which Way to Go.” Uncompromising yet still easily accessible, the band has managed to turn in an infectious collection of songs that will is bound to bring the group even more attention in 2015.