Halfsour at Raised by Gypsies

If you’re Halfsour, what does that make the other half of you– sweet?  Or is this one of those glass half empty/glass half full type of deals?    While I have no answers to these questions I will say that if you should happen to name your band Halfsweet I think you should totally go on tour with Halfsour and then you could call it the “Canceling Each Other Out Tour 2026” or whatever.

Somewhere between a band from “Empire Records”, The Replacements, The Hold Steady and even The Clash with more clank comes the sound of Halfsour.   Vocals are occasionally traded off on this album but not as much as you might think.    There are parts of The Mr. T Experience in here as well and I do enjoy this in an indie rock with raw soul kind of way, which has it almost on that verge of being punk.