High Violets at Bloodbuzzed

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, this unbeatable named band formed in 1998, from the ashes of the Bella Low breakup. Initially the trio of founder members Clint Sargent, Luke Strahota and Violet Bianca Grace, the line-up changed dramatically with Grace leaving very soon, while the remaining duo recruited Allen Davis of Echoplex and the amazing voice of Kaitlyn ni Donovan, self-releasing their first EP ‘Dream Away‘ in 1999. In 2002 came out their mini-album ’44 Down‘, followed by ‘Invitation’, another self-released EP, in 2005 and their debut album ‘To Where You Are‘ a year later on Reverb Records. After a remixes album in 2007, the High Violets delivered ‘CinĂ©ma‘, sophomore LP in 2010, out via Comet Rock Records, probably their most celebrated release to date. Now, after another line-up change (Davis left, being replaced by Colin Sheridan) they are back with ‘Heroes and Halos’, scheduled for early April through Saint Marie Records. A record you shouldn’t miss by any chance: a haunting collection of dreampop/shoegaze tunes recalling beloved ones like Slowdive, The Sundays or Soft Science, leaded by the magnetic vocals of Kaitlyn, the layered guitars and lush arrangements. Gorgeous sounds enveloped in haze.