High Violets at This Is Book’s Music

or a bit of dreamy pop/rock, check out the delicate-but-strong Heroes And Halos (Saint Marie) by The High Violets. The album is evenly paced with things going from quite strong to very smooth, nicely pulled by vocalist Kaitlyn ni Donovan, who reminds me a bit of some of those artists from the early to mid-90’s who take you on with how they sound but what keeps you wanting to hear more is what she says. “Long Last Night” is the kind of song you may imagine playing outside with the sun setting as you endure the changes in the temperature, wondering if what is giving you chicken skin the chills or how much you find these songs feel as if they come from your personal diaries.Heroes And Halos is the kind of album that deserves more than just casual music that may be used for a television commercial, this has merit.