Knowlton Bourne at This is Books Music

Songs From Motel 43 (Misra) is an album by Knowlton Bourne for those who love their rock on the rustic side of traditional, or whatever traditional is meant to mean these days. In other words, it sounds like the kind of rock that you might hear from someone like Tom Petty, the type that isn’t afraid to simply rock out while sticking true to its roots. It’s also not afraid to try a few new things while throwing in small hints of the past to let listeners know where they’re from, and where they’re going. I say thi sbecause Bourne comes off like a musical travelog, ready to let people know about his paths and what it takes to get there while also telling everyone what it’s like to observe and share his feelings of what he’s experiencing at any given time. The music isn’t too flirty nor does it limit itself, it’s the sheer amount of power that never goes overboard for the sake of knowing how to do it. He just does it, and quite nicely.