Luxembourg Signal at Fear and Loathing in Long Beach

My head is usually swarming with too many disconnected thoughts towards the end of the day. Where am I really going? What am I really doing? I usually have no idea most of the time. When the final curtain comes down on the sun, I usually retreat to my rooftop, take one or two of those blue pills, and light up a smoke for the perfect rest stop between up and down. I let my mind lose itself as I stare loosely at the tapestry of skylines, electrical wires, and cable dishes. I like to drift into the world of blurred lines while an anarchy of sound sparks in the background. Detachment is pleasure at the right moments. Luxembourg Signal’s debut single “Distant Drive” is the prescription for your surreal fever. 

“Distant Drive” is like a cosmic clash of Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Blake Babies. Beth Arzy’s meditative and whispery voice gels perfectly with the psychedelic-surf riffs and edgy acoustic strumming of Johnny Joyner. The interjection of Tubeway Army drum dynamics gives this deserving single an epic sound, reminiscent of “Reel Ten” by the Plugz on the Repo Man soundtrack. A lighthearted tease with heavy intentions is the atmosphere on this very cool dream-pop single. On this distant drive, life is better, at least for a little while. Where we end up… doesn’t really matter. 

The band turns down the lights and provides a more complex slice of contemplation with “Wishing Pool”. This track sounds like a lost gem from the Psychedelic Furs “Mirror Moves” album. A blend of post-punk guitar jangle with a smoldering melody that keeps itself in a straight-ahead rock groove. A short but sweet follow-up track. The more I check out the B side of this single, I realize it’s just as addictive as the lead track. I always dig a band showing its versatility on a single without having to include filler. Jump on this quick, it’s a limited 7” pressing of 300 brought to you by Portland Oregon’s Shelflife Records. The band is also the latest project by members of acclaimed indie acts, Aberdeen and Trembling Blue Stars. Check it out for yourself and see what you think.