Luxembourg Signal at The Big Takeover

Former members of Los Angeles’ defunct, but beloved, Aberdeen reunite for a new band that continues the jangly indie pop sound while drawing heavily from the ’80s.

“Distant Drive” on the A side could be Kim Deal singing for Echo & the Bunnymen, though there is also the dreamy, magical quality of the original vocal version of Savage Republic‘s “Andelusia” from their 1985 classic Ceremonial. The B side’s “Wishing Pool (Broiler Room Session)” continues with the breathy, airy female vocals, but musically nods to earlyREM, particularly in their darker moments. It’s an excellent pairing of two songs that evoke the music of 30 years ago without being ironically retro.

Hopefully, the Phoenix has risen and the ashes of Aberdeen have ignited the brilliant flame of The Luxembourg Signal. The next release can’t come soon enough.