Marshmallow Coast at Pittsburgh in Tune

As an avowed fan of the Elephant 6 Recording Co., a collective of indie pop musicians that spawned the likes of The Apples in Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Elf Power and Of Montreal, it should come as no surprise that I dig the music of Marshmallow Coast (aka singer/songwriter Andy Gonzales). The sublime “Vangelis Rides Again” is the ninth Marshmallow Coast LP and ranks among the most mysterious, yet entertaining offerings of Gonzales’ career.

With nine tunes clocking in at a brisk 24 minutes, there’s no wasted space on “Vangelis Rides Again.” The songs here are laid back on the surface, but there’s a sense of dark urgency weaving its way throughout the platter.

Marshmallow Coast soar highest on bookend tunes “Hash Out Cash Out” and “Forever,” but there are some assorted goodies in between. Among the keepers are “Hills Are Alive,” the title track and “Foreign Denial.” As a valued branch on the Elephant 6 musical tree, Gonzales/Marshmallow Coast deliver another winner.