Mind Brains at Big Takeover

Comprised of former and current members of The New Sound of Numbers, Of Montreal, Dark Meat andOlivia Tremor Control, Athens, GA’s Mind Brains tap into an extra-terrestrial future with their brain-warping debut.

Mind Brains is other-worldly pop music for a cyborg proletariat. Droning synthesizers recall the krautrock of Cluster and Radioactivity era Kraftwerk in darker moments, Gary Numan and The United States of America when grayer. Robotic drumming and spacey guitar draw from Chrome and Fifty Foot Hose, though the vocals, mostly haunting choral chants, are kept to a minimum. It’s a cold breath of steel driven by the pulsing blood of sentient lifeforms.

Spacerock doesn’t even describe it. Mind Brains are off in some other dimension, a place beyond the black hole where sound and darkness equate to existence. Jump into the wormhole and feel a new way of being.