Moon Types at Innocent Words

Moon Types hail from Sweden and play sugary sweet, jangly pop songs on this three-song 7-inch ‘Know the Reason.’

Formed by Jesper Klein and Stephen Naron on guitar and bass, respectively, the four-piece is rounded out by Jesper Nyrén on drums and Josefin Klein on keyboards and vocals. The band draws influences from modern bands such as Real Estate and The War on Drugs, as well as indie veterans Yo La Tengo and Teenage Fanclub with their bouncing rhythms and male/female harmonies.

The title track features Mirjam Pettersson adding a nice trumpet piece to the song, while “Nothing’s Holy” is driven by clean arpeggio guitar picking. The third song, “Do It All Over Again,” is my favorite of the three, with its echoed E-bow guitar slide and duet of the Klein siblings.

Moon Types’ ‘Know The Reason’ 7-inch is the reason it is cool to have EPs on vinyl again; these three tracks will get you up moving around and shaking your head to the poppy grooves.