Muuy Biien at Dagger

Athens, GA’s Muuy Biien have proven time and time again that they are not the kind of band you bring home to meet mom. Oh sure, their manners would be intact and all but then they’d start discussing the photographic work of Diane Arbus (or the folks of Jodorowsky) and it would be an early dessert night. In other words, they’re a real jolly bunch. On the cover of this record it shows a drawing of a guy who hung (hanged….whatever) himself, chair kicked over and cuts like opener “Cyclothtmia 1” (there’s also a II and III) all dirgey and minor chord-y. “Human Error” tells you what you’ve been doing wrong all these years while songs like “What Isn’t,” “Virus Evolves’ and “Frigid’ are sure to do you in. Seriously though there is a surprising amount of melody in these tunes(and some interesting rhythmic variation). Musically at times I hear the angriest parts of Fugazi (or Rites of Spring). These guys and Iceage should have a showdown (hey, no knives). Someone’s got to win, right?