Muuy Biien at Red & Black

When cameras claimed the city on behalf of MTV Other’s web series “This is the Place,” punk outfit Muuy Biien was highlighted as a prime example of current Athenian music alongside local darlings Reptar and groups like Tunabunny and Manray. Since then, the band has shaken up local press for being kicked out of the 2013 Flagpole Music Awards, in true punk fashion, for continually disrupting the awards show after singer Josh Evans delivered a subversive acceptance speech for Best Punk/Hardcore artist (to the tune of “I don’t give a f*** about any of this”). Mentioned in a recent edition of CMJ for charting on WUOG 90.5 FM’s airwaves, the band first broke national press in a 2012 article by Canadian DIY news publication Vice Magazine, interviewed by Flagpole’s Gordon Lamb.

Touring for Muuy Biien’s latest album Do Yourself In was halted when Evans broke his hip skateboarding, but will resume, guitarist Xander Witt says, sometime around late or mid-July. Tour promotion for this album will be much longer and more extensive than last year’s three-day mini-tour in Florida with Custody Battle, where band members spent time off hunting for alligators on nature walks (no alligator sightings, alas). Songs on the new album are “dancey as hell,” a by-product of listening to a lot of James Brown, which Witt says will hopefully encourage people to “dance rather than punch each other.” As for maintaining a certain stage presence during performances, Witt suggests a simple formula: “Eight beers and wear all black.”