Muuy Biien at The Big Takeover

Since their blistering debut, This Is What Your Mind Imagines (HHBTM), two years ago, Muuy Biien have honed their craft and expanded their sound while remaining true to their hardcore punk and ambient noise roots. With their sophomore full-length, the Athens, GA quintet attack with an unbridled fury that proves they are the new face of hardcore.

The letters of DYI stand for “Do Yourself In,” a sneering message of negativity echoing the angst of early ’80s American hardcore. Without resorting to mere imitation, Muuy Biien update the genre, adding their own spin without losing the essence of anger essential to authenticity. At times, the music recalls the frenetic noise rock of Six Finger Satellite if they had been influenced by The Minutemen and Saccharine Trustinstead of Big Black and The Birthday Party. Other songs sound like a perfect synthesis of Jay Reatard‘s Terror VisionsThe Jesus Lizardand noisy DC bands like The Monorchid and Skull Kontrol. It’s a dense, resilient offering, from the book-ending bits of droning ambiance to the teeth-gnashing rage of their punk songs.

Too many bands waste everybody’s time with thoughtless rehashings ofBlack FlagMinor Threat and The Misfits without recognizing the innovation these artists truly represented. Muuy Biien get it. They are the real thing.