Close Lobsters Review and Stream at Gold Flake Paint

Whenever I see or hear the term “reunion” tacked on to any musical event, I always feel this knee-jerk skepticism. Oh, yeah? You and which bandmates? What’s your angle, eh? But most importantly, what’s this new material you’re peddling?

Fortunately, no one need worry about the Close Lobsters. As card-carrying members of the original C86 compilation, their feisty jangles helped spark a whole new generation of pastel pop (though the light groove of super hits like ‘Just Too Bloody Stupid‘ may very well bridge the gap between the Go-Betweens and Happy Mondays).

Now, after a 23-year hiatus, Close Lobsters have blossomed back to life. The transformation on Kunstwerk in Spacetime is astonishing – the new single, ‘Now Time‘, ripples like a curtain of light, rays dancing at the joyous chorus of “now now now now now”. Even when Close Lobsters return to their more jangly, Felt-like roots on ‘New York City in Space’, it’s with a warmth and confidence that can comfort even the most jaded 40-somethings who might mumble strange artifacts like Kitchens of Distinction or Cactus World News under their breaths. Between the dreamy A-side and the humbling B-side, the gang prove that their craft, like a select brand of wine, has matured into a sparkling delight. Listen to it below.