Noon:30 at Big Takeover

On one of those damn days I dismissed dozens of submissions for being unremarkable, I had to laugh when I tried Noon:30 next. I’m not sure what they are, but it’s sure the opposite! Two profane Detroit girls gone to DC, Aissa and Blue try on styles like clashing flashions on these four tracks (three of them remixed on side two), and they’re pretty hardcore, whatever. First they‘re so creepy horror movie ambient I see psycho slashers in ski masks; second they’re a capella folk; third they’re industrial-strength, ultra-abrasive, in your face hip-hop (if Ministry tried it?), forging a scowling feminist “kiss my ass” update to Salt-n-Pepa’s 1988 #19 smash, “Push It” of 2014’s Geico commercials; fourth, they’re minimal art/noise turned electroclash. My word, but I asked for a challenge. They “found release,” in both senses.

[From the print issue]