Pia Fraus at Stereo Embers

One of the very very coolest things about writing for Stereo Embers and just being generally plugged in to the indie/shoegaze/post-punk/whatever other insanely energetic and inventive sub-genre you care to mention, is having tracks like this laid at our doorstep with the singularly express request that we broadcast it out to the wider world, a request which, in many instances, is met with some restraint but on rare occasions such as the following, released October 13 on über-cool, righteously solid Portland label Shelflife, we are giddy with the glorious opportunity that has landed in our laps like manna from the promotional heavens. “Sugar High of the Year,” from Estonia’s dreamy dreampop titans Pia Fraus forthcoming album Field Ceremony, is a relentless slab of gorgeous, driving, shoegazed wonder that limns the sublime line between My Bloody Valentine and Pale Saints (a particular favorite around the shoegaze water cooler here at SEM). Sumptuous, powerful, hypnotic, the track speaks its concise volumes about the promise of album proper. We are, as they say, agog with anticipation.