Pia Fraus at Big Takeover

The dream-pop veterans Pia Fraus are back with their first full-length album in almost a decade. Released on Seksound (Europe), Shelflife (US), and Vinyl Junkie Recordings(Japan), Field Ceremony is a triumphant return for the band, bringing back their signature dream-pop sounds alongside fresh takes on pop structures.

Pia Fraus started in 1998 in Tallinn, Estonia. They released four studio albums: Wonder What It’s Like (2001), In Solarium (2002), Nature Heart Software (2006), and After Summer(2008), plus a handful of EPs and singles. Latest LP Field Ceremony was mixed and mastered on analog desk by Lauri Liilvak.

The band members delve into the details behind the making of their newest album, explaining, “Field Ceremony is not Pia Fraus’ comeback album. It’s our fifth full length album that needed some rest before it could be made; some ripening, inspiration, and thinking things over. This album is an emotional journey along soundscapes and feelings. You’ll surely find hints and quotes from our former albums, something familiar and something to surprise you. The music has been influenced by musical and other events that have happened meanwhile. Maybe you can spot some Imandra Lake and Wolfredthere. We were sad when our good friend and guitarist Tõnis left the band. And then we were happy to have the opportunity to work with Kristel Eplik, who sang on Wonder What It’s Like and on In Solarium. Also our former drummer Joosep Volk is back with us, producing our music videos.”

The Big Takeover is pleased to premiere Field Ceremony in its entirety. Bright and tight folk-pop melodies sparkle amid the delicate, contemplative, harmonic vocal diffusion. A diaphanous haze to briskly driving shoegaze-leaning guitars and robust to subdued drumming sweep to the lowering clouds…