Postal Blue at Dagger Zine

Wow, this was certainly a pleasant. I’d always really liked this Brazilian indie pop band and have previous releases by them on the Shelflife and Drive In labels. I believe the last we heard from them was on a Cloudberry Records release in 200 (in 2006 he also released the Road to Happiness ep on the Humblebee label). Also, when I say them I mean him as Postal Blue is basically a one man show from Adriano do Couto (though on a few songs he does get help on violin and a few folks help out on backing vocals as well). The sound is real breezy and jangly, but melancholy as well and will definitely appeal to fans of bands on the Sarah label (I definitely hear some Field Mice influence in the songs). Even the song titles reflect longing: “Bitterness is Sweet,” “Does It Really Matter” and “The Last Goodbye” are all odes to a certain someone. In addition to those cuts do Couto clocks in with some real gems here in “On and On,” “Still Blue” and “I Always Knew.” 10 songs in 35 minutes and no filler. I say give him whatever keeps Bobby Wratten going and demand a new Postal Blue record by the end of 2016!