Postal Blue at Porky Prime Cuts

The surprising thing is that Postal Blue sound so English, despite coming from Brazil. I would’ve expected hints of Tropicalia and Latino dance beats but this is as joyous, and indiepop, as it gets. There’s not even a word of Portuguese;Of Love and Other Affections is sung entirely in English.

It’s the latest release by the wonderful Jigsaw Records label and mail order company, purveyors of fine records, cassettes, fanzines, etc etc. Postal Blue have been around since the late 1990s, and while there’s been numerous EP’s released under the name, only one full collection of songs, and that was in 2004. It seems the band is now essentially one person, Adriano Ribeiro, who has a love of Sarah Records.

I’m transported back to north-east Scotland in 1986, listening to the Orchids, the Flatmates, 14 Iced Bears et al on the John Peel Show, staying up to 11pm, taping some of it on a mixtape that would have also contain sounds from Zimbabwe and Haiti.

All ten songs are gloriously harmonic, replete with groovy guitars and easy-on-the-ear hooks; I can’t readily pick out any particular songs, they’re all good.

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