Alibi: Become Your One  CD   (Epifo Music)

Release date: September 20, 2019

Bio: Alibi is a musical project led by New York-based songwriter/artist Mike Naideau, former member of art-punk band Giant Peach (Don Giovanni Records) and has toured the United States extensively with Spit-Take, Outer Spaces, and Nude Beach.

An ethically DIY project at heart, it contains elements of rock, slowcore, and ambient music and features a fluid lineup of longtime-friend collaborators. Alibi is characterized by its intense focus on serenity and emotion, aiming to offer opportunities for the listener to relax their body and their mind.

For Naideau the processes involved in writing, recording, and producing the music and art for Alibi serve as forms of meditative, personal reflection. The concept of slowed decay (which can be demonstrated by a photograph, or by an old, oily alcohol bottle, stood still on a wooden shelf, filled with flowers steeped in viscous liquid) captures the essence of the band’s material. Moving forward in life undoubtedly requires slowing one’s life in such a way. A time stop. When something is just out of reach, like the most beautiful photograph glinting itself in front of you, through your eye’s lens, blurry and brightening with closeness.

Where all of these ideas and images intersect is where Alibi exists and attempts to dig its feet into the sand, to capture, and to communicate its experience.

Become Your One is a meditative exploration of the self, written largely during a year of on-and-off solitary traveling.

The album has an existential character and touches upon themes of loneliness, relating, and searching for deeper, inner consciousness. Much like an aimless walk in an unfamiliar place, it itself evolves and explores new terrains as each track unfolds and each new page is turned, and each new landscape is presented. A watery hum met by cassette-clipping drums. A dreamy piano drone met by overdriven words on “groundedness".

The main element of continuity throughout is plainly found in the emotion and in the quest for understanding. To truly travel, both outwardly into the world and inwardly into oneself, is to find meaning in one’s unique place and time. To allow such experiences to pass through oneself is to allow the experiences to absorb parts of oneself. And when these absorbed parts self-manifest, art is created.

Become Your One is an amalgamation of influences, pieces and players from Ohio, Mexico, and South America. However it all began and was finished up on cassette tape in a New York City apartment bedroom.