Cozy Slippers: Postcards EP  CDEP   (Jigsaw Records)

Release date: April 20, 2018


Cozy Slippers Band Photo



Bio: Cozy Slippers is a Seattle indie three-piece with dual-lead female vocals and a warm veneer of nostalgia. The band got its start when Barbara Barrilleaux (drums, keyboards, and vocals) and Sarah Engel (bass and vocals) met at Ladies Rock Camp, a weekend event that introduces women to rock instruments and playing in a band. Barbara and Sarah kept the band going until Steven Skelton (guitar) eventually joined to complete the trio.

Postcards is the band’s second EP and its first for Jigsaw Records. It was recorded and mixed by Dylan Wall, who has worked with acts such as Craft Spells, Great Grandpa, High Sunn, and Lubec. With this EP, the band deal with topics such as the anger that accompanies betrayed intimacy, vacation romance, and the arc of a long-term relationship. Sonically, the band offers hints of urgent new wave, yearning prom songs, and 80s and 90s indie.

Cozy Slippers released its debut EP, Late Night in Summertime, in March 2017. Recorded and mixed by grunge legend Tad Doyle, the EP has received airplay on international indie radio shows La Merienda in Spain and It’s a Jangle Out There in Australia. A review of the EP stated that “the straightforward vocal style contains 80s girl-group nostalgia (think The Go-Gos), and the simple, somewhat haunting guitar instrumentals are reminiscent of the sentimental riffs of The Smiths.” While the title Late Night in Summertime evokes a specific time, lyrically the songs on the record deal with nostalgia and the events from the past that echo through our current lives.

For Postcards, the band sought to expand its sound while keeping with its mission of putting a wistful smile on the faces of listeners. Barbara and Sarah layed additional vocal tracks, and the songs En Français and You Started This mark the first time the band has used keyboards.

Postcards is available from Jigsaw Records on April 20, 2018.